Sellers Disclosures to Buyers

California has instituted strict seller disclosure requirements. Home sellers must complete a number of documents written by the California Association of Realtors, including a Natural Hazards Disclosure Statement, Lead Based Paint Disclosure, Advisories about Market Conditions and  Megan’s Law Disclosures. 

A seller's failure to disclose all known information about the property can result in a conflict after the sale. The work and upgrades sellers have done to their property are a common disclosure, whether the work was done with or without permits. If done with permits, buyers are advised to cross check the seller’s disclosure with the city building permit report. Doing work without the city signing off with a permit is a key disclosure. If the work was not approved by the city, it may not have been performed to code. Buyers should independently investigate any non-permit work that was done.

Other common disclosures include the existence of termites, pets, history of property line disputes, neighborhood nuisances, and problems with appliances. Disclosures include whether seller is in bankruptcy proceedings and whether there any liens on the property.