Whether buying a home for yourself or an investment property it is good practice to sit down with me and establish your needs and wants. What is really important to you and what would be a nice additional attribute of the property you chose. Several things that should be looked at depending on what you are looking for are:

1) What You Can't Live Without

Our lifestyle choices are often reflected in the homes we buy. Do you like working on automobiles? If so, a large garage would be important to you. Have a big family? You may need a home with many bedrooms. Perhaps you or your spouse is a gourmet cook. In that case, a large, well layed out kitchen could be a must for you. Before I begin a home buying search for you, learning which home attributes you can't live without will help me find the perfect home for you. 

2) Schools and Family Needs

The quality of school systems has long been of importance to home-buying families. If you have children or are thinking about having children in your new home, you'll want to discuss school information and statistics me. Not only is it important to consider the location of your home relative to area schools, but you'll also want to think about the quality and diversity of local school offerings. I can offer advice and information about the public and private schools in the areas you are considering. Also explore the school finder tool on this website.

3) Commuting

For many people, commuting from home to work and back takes a big chunk of their day. Commuting should be an important factor in selecting a home, because in many areas of San Diego country, traffic backups are increasingly common.

4) Community Details

Whether you hope to live in a urban, suburban or rural town, the demographics, details and community statistics of a particular area are almost as important a consideration when buying a home as the details of the house itself. Do you want to live in the thick of the action? Prefer to get away from it all? If a particular aspect of a community is important to you - like a nearby park, or a strong recreation component - be sure to tell me so that I help you chose a community that will give you the lifestyle you are looking for. 

 5) Budget

Of course, the most rigid constraint of a home-buying search is typically the buyer's budget. Defining budget parameters quickly and early focuses a home search to a particular segment of the market. However, with many lending options available, budget constraints are not as limiting as many home-buyers assume them to be. Many innovative mortgage options are available to both first-time and veteran home-buyers. Before beginning a home search, you should talk to both your real estate agent and your lender about your finance options and ultimately, your budget.